Haul post!

-Fluevog Baroque Caravaggios
-Juliette et Justine OP
-Moitie bustier

I’m really stoked about this haul because I feel like I haven’t bought stuff for a while! Plus, butterscotchbullets' birthday present also shipped with my Y! Auctions order, and I'm really excited about it.

I really like the back of the JetJ OP! But I have to wait to wear it, since it smells like mothballs.


Travelogue de Die Sterntaler

Premier de Ekaterina Robe


Juliette et Justine Travelogue de Die Sterntaler (The Star Money)


My outfit and makeup for my birthday dinner last week. Yes I was dressed as Usagi! 😜


Having fun in some of my long-time favorite shops in NYC!

JSK&blouse: Surface Spell
Coat: BtSSB
Cardigan: Mango
Beret: Handmade by friend

❤❤❤Happy Valentine’s Day!!!❤❤❤



my Robe de Celadon by Juliette et Justine
(Ecru x Mist green)
photo by reafre

I fall in love with the lace. It is very soft and delicate. Mist green color is also my favorite.


BABY’S newest Rose Blooming Night’s Hocus Pocus series
Available for reservation here.


Twining with my friend in Surface Spell’s chiffon Hyacinth JSK <3333

I miss you girl ><


OTT Sweet Coordinate for a San Diego Lolitas meetup!


"I never drink wine"


"I never drink wine"


Oldschool nun-lolita outfit fot Cha-no-Yu convention.

As usual thanks to JustMoolti for photos.

Dress - Atelier Boz, shirt&necklace - Moitie, collar&bonnet - handmade by me


14.07.2014 ~ Otome kei ♥

Today I had small meetup with my dear friend Menoa! It was too hot for full Lolita coord with petti and tons of accessories, so I decided to wear simple casual Lolita/otome kei outfit. Yes, it was a good decision, even if I was wearing my autumn/winter dress from Innocent World. (◡‿◡✿)

Outfit rundown:

JSK: Innocent World

Shirt: Mohito

Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Bodyline

Hairpins with roses: H&M / local shop with hair accessories

Sunglasses: Topshop

Necklace: Topshop

Earrings: Glovestar.pl

Bracelet: handmade

Bag: Taobao

Umbrella: Innocent World


My coord from my last meet up!

We visited Schloss Nordkirchen, the self-proclaimed “Versailles of Westphalia”. It was lovely, and I had a great time!

JSK: Innocent World
Blouse: Mystery Garden
Underskirt: Innocent World
Cardigan: Mary Magdalene
Hair Bow: Moss Märchen

Rest is offbrand.


Innocent World
Antique Cutlery long & underbust jumperskirts